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Thank you for showing an interest in the development of new ways of managing landscapes.

We know the broad environmental challenges we face. What we lack are new ways of addressing these to make sure our landscapes can continue to provide the life-supporting services on which we rely.

By signing up you will help shape the way ecoXchange develops by providing early feedback and insights into the possible solutions. This may involve completing surveys, testing prototypes and providing comments on the overall concepts.

And we promise that we wont pester you with too many emails!

I look forward to your thoughts and insights.


Kelvin Montagu

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2 thoughts on “Sign up

  1. Michael Howes

    Hi Kevin,
    The Victorian National Parks Association shares many of your aims and would like to wotk with you where appropriate. My immediate question is whether we could reprint your excellent article ‘The new normal in nature’ in the December issue of our quarterly journal Park Watch (of which I’m the editor). I saw it on the ABC website. We would acknowledge as requested and invite members/readers to check your website.

    Look forward to hearing from you,

    Best wishes,
    Michael H

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