We need new ways of managing our landscapes. One where people support a landscape which meets their environmental concern, passion or sense of place:

  • for habitat for the endangered regent honeyeater;
  • to reduced sediment and nutrient run-off into your favourite waterway;
  • to maintain bushland where you walk;
  • to help regulate the climate by increasing greenhouse gases stored in the landscape;
  • or maintain a landscapes aesthetic beauty in the area where you live or holiday.

ecoXchange collage

This website looks at how we might develop new practical ways of connecting city and country people to make some space for nature and support tomorrow’s landscapes. Help out by taking the survey to shape how this might happen.

The blog contains articles on our changing relationship with nature and how we might respond.

We need your help. You can sign up so that your opinions, feedback and insights can be help shape the direction of ecoXchange. Or you can contact me on kelvin@ecoxchange.com.au

Your participation will help shape these new ways of managing landscapes so that nature can flourish.

Kelvin Montagu


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